Müüa õueala ja maja-alused (Sooja 2/1) parkimiskohad. Huvi korral võta palun ühendust maakleriga.

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Border of Tallinn 5 km
Music school
Hobby center

Swimming pool
Youth center
Train station
Bus stop

Interior finishing

Living room

Living room



Kids room

Kids room



Living room

Living room



Kids room

Kids room



Living room

Living room



Kids room

Kids room



Construction information

  • Foundation


    According to the project, the building is to have a shallow foundation, as concrete foundation footings are used under posts and strip foundation is used to a lesser degree.

  • Load-bearing walls

    Load-bearing walls

    The monolithic reinforced concrete posts, joists and block walls on the ground floor mainly support the building. The load-bearing walls on the upper floors and walls in between apartments are built of 240 mm and 190 mm wide hollow concrete blocks.

  • Internal walls

    Internal walls

    Walls inside apartments are plasterboard walls on a steel frame.

  • Windows


    The PVC windows and balcony doors are triple-glazed and the inner and outermost layer has selective glazing.

  • Balconies


    All apartments have a balcony. The balconies and balcony roofs are on a steel frame. The balcony railings are made of deep-impregnated wood.

  • Façade


    The building’s façade is rendered and painted. The façade’s colours are light grey, dark grey and hazelnut brown.

  • Ventilation


    The apartments’ ventilation comes from a device installed on the roof.

  • Heating


    All apartments have comfortable and economical water underfloor heating, which you can regulate in each room separately.

  • Floors


    Laminate flooring corresponding to your package of choice will be installed on the floors of the apartment. The floors of the entrance hall, toilets and bathrooms are tiled. You can choose the colour scheme you love best from the interior design packages.

  • Walls


    The walls of wet rooms are tiled. Accent tiles can be chosen for one wall. The walls of other rooms are painted. Accent paint can be chosen for one wall of the living room. Three interior design packages allow you to pick the colour solutions you love best.



AB Korrus


  • Unique location.
    Quiet and safe.

    Tammepesa is a favourable living environment at a unique location suited both for young people just starting out on their own, as well as old couples tired of big city racket. With less than 6,000 residents, the town of Saue is quiet and safe; children play in the streets until late evening and no strangers have business there. Saue is just 5 km away from Tallinn city limits, but it’s still a completely independent and vibrant small town. The Saue manor complex with its mighty oak park suited both for a serene walk and enjoying bird song while sitting on a park bench is in the near vicinity of the property.

  • Everything you need is nearby.
    Tallinn is only 20 minutes away.

    Grocery stores, a secondary school with a swimming pool, kindergarten, library and many other necessary facilities are neatly located within an area just 3.5 km2 in size. Bus and train stops are nearby. Transport connections with Tallinn city centre are excellent: the train ride to the outskirts of the Old Town lasts only 28 minutes.

  • Cosy flats.
    Floor plans carefully thought through.

    The two apartment buildings to be constructed will have 6 floors; a parking lot is to be located on the ground floor. There are 39 apartments on the five residential floors of both houses; most apartments have 2 rooms and an area of 32.5–43.9 m2; but there is also a choise of 3 and 4 rooma apartements with area of 54.4-72.8 m2. Both houses have lifts. All apartments have a balcony. The floor plans have been carefully considered by the interior architect so as to ensure the best use of space in limited conditions without sacrificing comfort.

  • High-quality materials.
    Energy efficient.

    In terms of construction, Tammepesa conforms to all modern requirements. The heat-recovery ventilation system guarantees very reasonable utility costs; modern and high-quality materials are used both in the interior and exterior finishing. The building belongs to the energy efficiency class B.

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