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There are two types of cookies:

Non-persistent or session cookies are deleted by the computer after closing the web browser. Session cookies are used, for example, to remember the language selection on a website.

Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s computer after closing the web browser. Websites use them, for example, to save user names and passwords so that a user does not have to log in every time upon visiting the same website. Persistent cookies may be stored on the user’s computer for days, months, or even years. Further information can be obtained at:

According to attribution or ownership, cookies are classified as:

first-party cookies that originate from the website being visited and may be both persistent and non-persistent. With these cookies, websites may store data that is reused when the site is revisited. In terms of processing personal data, first-party cookies are installed by the controller (or any of its processors) who administrates the website being visited;

third-party cookies, which may originate, e.g., from other websites’ advertisements on the website being visited by the user. In terms of processing personal data, third-party cookies are installed by a controller who is not the administrator of the website being visited.

Cookies are used on our websites for providing a better user experience. The use of cookies provides us traffic statistics which help us to measure and improve the functioning of the website. Our cookies may be created by different service providers who help us to improve our web services. Such service providers are, for example, Google, Facebook, etc.

The computer users themselves may apply preventive measures and block the use of all cookies in their web browser and allow cookies on trusted websites only on the basis of further user experience.

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